Responsible service of alcohol
This Club advocates the Responsible Service of Alcohol. We value our customers and are concerned for their wellbeing, fitness and health and we want them to keep coming back.
We are committed to the service of alcohol to our customers in a professional and responsible manner, complying with all applicable laws.
Our staff are trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol and actively promote responsible alcohol consumption by our customers.

Our commitment to the Responsible Service of Gambling
This Venue is an integral part of its community.
The Management is committed to the wellbeing of its customers, staff and the wider community that it serves. We strive to deliver all our services in a responsible and sustainable manner. As part of this commitment, we have adopted this Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct and will provide the necessary resources (financial and human) to support the proper operation of the Code at this Venue.
The Code is designed to assist the Management and staff to provide gambling in a socially rewarding, enjoyable and responsible manner.
RGOs have been appointed to ensure compliance with the Code and the Self Exclusion Program at this Venue, and an RGO is available at all times to assist patrons with responsible gambling matters.
Customers are encouraged to ask staff to identify the RGO.
A copy of the Code of Conduct is available here:

Your Play
YourPlay gives you the power to track how much money and time you are spending as you play. You can also use YourPlay to set limits on the money and time you spend on gaming machines and to see your playing history online at any time. YourPlay can be added to your loyalty membership card and used on any gaming machine in Victoria. You can register for YourPlay at yourplay.com.au or ask a staff member for assistance.
Further valuable information for gamblers or their families is available on the following websites:

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